So who am I?  I am lots of things that would endlessly bore you if I were to list them all here but I’ll give you a quick idea.  I am someone that always craves tacos, cheese and anything chocolate.  I am normally up for any kind of adventure that takes me out of my house, out of this city and even out of the state.  Some days I sleep 2 hours and others I could sleep for 15.  There is a constant love hate relationship with my hair and clothes that doesn’t feel weird when I wear them.   I also have grand ideas that I want others to execute and when that happens I feel it is a small win for the home team.  Sarcasm is my first language and seeing just what I can get away with is my favorite pastime.

Others let their job define what they are, I am not one of those people.  I have a pretty sweet set up at my job but I wouldn’t say that is what drives me.  To not work would be the most ideal situation but that is just asking for trouble.  Broke and homeless within 3 months would be the outcome.

I am also the cool mom to a pretty cool kid.  He may look 17, act 35 but really is only 13 and will forever be my baby.  All I ever ask of him is to not have the life desire of living in my basement his adult life, get a college education and to remember to bathe on a regular basis.