It’s a Boy! 

 Well, its official I’m old. How do I know I’m old? I currently have a teenager in my house, well not quite but close enough. D-man, D-money, Davis or just D, (depending on who you ask) has finally hit his first major milestone of growing up. Mind you this child has been an adult longer than I have due to being an old soul of a sort and wise beyond his years. I’m not quite sure when it exactly happened or when I noticed it but if I had to guess it would be around 5 years of age. It could be related to the time his dad and I got divorced, feeling he need to be “the man of the house” or he was born this way and it wasn’t until he was independent enough for it to really shine through. Either way he has brought great entertainment to all of those he meets. 

Thirteen years ago I was on the verge of being very pregnant at the end of June. Due to some health complications I was currently on bed rest with the instructions to keep incubating him until week 36 in my pregnancy and then we would reevaluate when his arrival would be. I was due July 28th and always joked with my doctor that I was going to have a July 4th baby and he told me it would August before he would even consider inducing me. Mind you I did not want to be 9months pregnant in the sweltering July heat nor did the little human inside of me. So June 30th I was admitted into the hospital and told the next day would be the day that I would have a baby in my arms. Of course they warn you about all the complication that could happen with having a premature baby but deep down I knew he would be alright. We also weren’t 100% I was having a boy but also I just had that intuition that he was and when it was announced that he was in fact a boy, my reply was “I know and his name is Davis”. This screaming pissed off 5.5lbs of a human made his dramatic entrance into the world and it hasn’t been the same since. It took us a few months to figure each other and I fell into the routine of being his mom, we have cried together, laughed together, shared every germ and at times slept together when we both needed extra love. I know I am not going to nor will I ever win any Mother of Year awards but have managed to keep him alive this long, so I have high hopes for him that he will survive another 6 years so I can set him free into the world all on his own.    

This wonderful, weird, smart child has mine has never stopped surprising me and has made me say things I never thought I would say. For example, “How many pairs of underwear are you wearing?” and the answer if you were wondering was 3. I have also had to proclaim “please do not dance while peeing; you are peeing on the shower curtain”. Along with a mile long list of momisms I have said to him, no wonder he looks at me like a strange creature. He was once not allowed to not eat breakfast at school for a few months because he decided that every day he would stop and stay HI to all the teachers along his journey from the cafeteria to his Kindergarten class, resulting in being 10 minutes late to class and causing a ruckus every time. He has managed to get a rock stuck in his ear that was a perfect fit, round and smooth and from what I have been told it was the wind that picked up and perfectly placed it in his ear. Three nurses, a doctor and a large bill later that rock was added to the collection of other items that have been extracted from other children’s ears and noses. He once decided that his name was Nick and this is what we called him until one day he said he was back to Davis. The imaginary friend that lived with us for years was named Mong, who was a ninja instructor from Texas with a girlfriend named French Fry. The conversations, drawings and being absolute adamant that he was real resulted in telling his teacher that his parents were really ninjas, and sure enough we were in fact not ninjas. His ability to calculate percentages off when I take him shopping makes me joke with him he is just like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man and something I will greatly miss when he will no longer be shopping with me. This child drinks black strong coffee almost daily, doesn’t really drink pop but has a sweet tooth a mile long, considering he is convinced he has two stomachs; one for real food and one for desserts. His fashion sense is that of a typical boy, if it is clean and it fits then it matches. That was until recently when girls don’t have quite as many cooties as they have had in years past. The utter confidence that he has is something far stronger than that I had at his age.  He has a slight speech impediment that has greatly improved in recent years but that has never held him back. He once told me “if you can’t understand me, that is your problem” and then proceeded to tell me a story at 100mph without taking a breath. 

 He is a proud owner of a library card and was slightly perturbed when he wasn’t allowed to check out a textbook for his recreational reading so instead read a book on Hitler. He prefers to be alone but is very social at the same time. As any mother does, I worried about him having friends and he has plenty, they are even as strange as he is at times. He is one to always ask me how my day is and what we have planned and recently has added “what’s for dinner?” every day I pick him up from school. He is starting to transform into this tall (5’10”) lanky kid with the bluest eyes and dark hair. He looks nothing like me but acts just like me in more ways than one. When I think I have him figured out he always throws me a curve ball and that is one of the million reasons I love that kid more than I ever imagined. Being his mom hasn’t always been the easiest and I’m sure being my child hasn’t been a walk in the park either but if you ask either one of us, we couldn’t imagine our lives being any other way. Maybe I’m just being biased here but I think I have one pretty cool kid and with that I wish you one big HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVIS RYLAN LOOMIS.  


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