What the Number 35 has Taught me

In a few short sleeps I will be the ripe old age of 35.  I can hear my elders already scoffing at the notion that 35 is an old age.   I can also hear the younger kids in the back, looking at me like I’m too old to be out this late and questioning if I am really that old.  With the thoughts of turning 35 beautiful years old, I have decided to pass on some of the great and not so great things I have learned during the journey.

I have learned the value of great friends making plans to get together, regardless of the occasion. Making plans to not make a plan, picking out the perfect outfit that you then disregard and decide jeans and a t-shirt is more like it.  Buying drinks, taking shots and conversations outside under the stars; laughing at each other and with, all at the same moment.   I have learned that sometimes group text can be your worse enemy or your favorite companion.  You could wake up to 500 missed text while taking a nap or sometimes hear nothing for days.   With all topics being discussed and analyzed over and over ranging from silly pictures, memes and the weird parts of the internet that we all find entertaining. I’ve learned that you don’t have to be friends with everyone or anyone for that matter of a fact.  Be friends with who you want to be with and surround yourself with them.

I’ve learned that sometimes the cheap beer is actually the best one.   I don’t need a fancy drink to impress, I prefer $2 beers and Windsor & Cokes because my parents raised me right.   There is nothing sexier than a woman who can order a whiskey like she means it and drink it with the best of them.  Finding your corner in the world and surrounding yourself with those you love is heaven on earth.  When you find that place and it comes pre-installed with killer music, cold beers and a option of sitting in the sun on those oh so perfect days, how could you even question if that is the place.  That is the type of place you gravitate to without even the thought of going somewhere else crossing your mind.  How will you know  when you find that hole in the wall bar?  You will just know.

Being an adult is weird sometimes and you have to do weird things to get through it

I’ve learned that everything wrong in your life at that precise moment can either be cured by a long cry, a long sleep or taking a poop.  For some reason one of these is always the magic that can reset the system and give you a clearer head to think with.  Singing in the shower is one of the most therapeutic things you could ever do for yourself.  Sing loud and off key but just make sure you own those lyrics like they are you own.  Do yourself a favor and buy a $10 waterproof blue-tooth speaker and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  The shower is also the best place to cry and work out all of those imaginary scenarios you might find yourself in.  Buy soaps that all smell fun and different and use all of them and take that 30 minutes shower to cleanse your body and your soul.

I have learned that sometimes things don’t go as planned, so better have a backup plan.  I didn’t think I would be friends with my ex-husband, but I am.  Raising a weird little human takes a group effort, so learning to poke fun at each other and ask for help every now and again, isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen.  I have also learned to be prepared for your child to strongly dislike you at times.  They warned me it would happen, I just wasn’t aware it was overnight but we are all surviving even if we are not exactly talking to each other all the time.  With that being said, I have learned to be nicer to parents, they have loved you this time without even thinking about it.  We all do stupid stuff and they did too, if they would have made better life choices I wouldn’t even be here, so I’m willing to overlook their flaws.  Plus my return policy expired a few years ago so they can’t take me back, so for all the times they have bailed me out, one day I will have to bail them out.

Some days I feel I’ve lived a lifetime already but I’m only half way there so to say I’m excited to see what the next half has in store is an understatement.


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