People Who Knew Me

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who doesn’t only lives one. -George R.R. Martin

I have always enjoyed reading because of the small escapes from reality that I am allowed to have from time to time.  I go through mini phases of what genre of  books I need to consume by the volumes.  Fiction and autobiographies always seem to be the ones I fall back on, even after all of these years  I’m okay with the fact my tastes hasn’t varied much.   There is something about a well written fiction book that makes you become the character, makes you  feel like you know their own life story and can’t get enough of them.  For it all to end too suddenly and then the dreaded book hangover begins.  A book hangover is the feelings you get after a book ends, normally of wonder and sadness, yearning for just one more chapter, knowing even that won’t be enough.  Not only do I like to read, I like to share with others when I have discovered a really good book that deserves some attention.  To have as many eyes as possible reading their words, being involved in the characters lives, yearning for move chapters, as I did.  There is something magical about a good story line that creates the need for it to be discussed with others and not kept a secret.

A boodownloadk that I have recently had the pleasure of reading was “People Who Knew Me” by Kim Harper.  I had picked this book up at the library on a whim and I’m glad I did.  If anyone gets the chance to read this, please do.  It is a fairly easy read, only a 200-300 pages, an easy story line to follow and can be put down and pickup without having to re-read 1/2 the previous page (One of my biggest pet peeves in a book).

Without trying to give too much away I will run a quick synopsis.   Emily Morris, got married and was working towards the happily-ever-after she always wanted, until an unforeseen  problematic homelife, had her falling in love with someone else.  She then becomes pregnant and in the mist of the internal turmoil, the unimaginable 9/11 attacks occurred. Flash forward to 15 years later, a new identity and the otherside of the country, when another moral delemia arises but this time it is a matter of live & death and if she will be brave enough to confront her past.  



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