We all will be alright.

This is the year 2016 working on being 2017 before we know it.  A lot has changed in the 12 years since I became a mom.  I was a mom before Facebook was popular, thank God.  I didn’t feel obligated to put every funny/cute/handsome picture of my kid on the internet to see.  Yes he still does things I find funny and yes I share them with the world but that is just part of being a parent.  I didn’t have to talk about it with other moms, I didn’t have to arrange play dates via my smart phone.  I was allowed to be just a parent, regardless of how crappy of a job I was doing.  If he ate dog food, I was the one there watching him, not tkids-act-like-animals-eating-with-dog__605here trying to get the best lighting/angle and for him to smile in a toothy grin. I could just allow him to eat it in peace as I stood in awe and wondered if this kid was ever going become someone beside a dog food connoisseur.  I didn’t have to worry about having 1000 of apps, blogs and stranger advice at my fingertips telling me the dangers of eating dog food.

I will admit my kid is different from most kids in the world but all in all he is doing alright.  He is smarter, taller and has a better head on his shoulders that both of his parents combined.   Being a single mother who is luckily enough to get along with the ex-husband and has been allowed to co-parent with him, having only a few minor hiccups has allowed me to actually enjoy the time spent with my kiddo.  We can do homework, make dinners (or go eat tacos when we are lazy), have real conversations about things he is afraid to tell his dad.  We can go to his viola concerts with both sides of the family, extended included, without anyone being stressed out, we can register him for activities with a few text messages, discuss how we are going to share cost of his shoes or whatever else he needs to succeed.   4f05f582d73ab7b04b5457018c3e4008

This is what being a parent is about, getting along as adults.  Yeah I may hate him at times, but he loves his kid and his kid loves him.  That is the bottom line.  Be an adult and act like it especially when there are child involved.  Parent for you, parent for them.  Don’t listen to everyone else and all of their worthless advice.  Listen to what is right for you and for them.  What works for one doesn’t work for all.  And with this advice I am going to continue to watch my kid doing the funny things he does and continue to have the funny conversations we have,without the advice from anyone else or an app scheduling it for me.


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