Unspoken Rules

The moment you look around at your friends and you realize that all of you are a weird group of humans but you wouldn’t trade any of them for the world, is when you know that this life is one big adventure.  Sometimes one of us has blue hair and no one even questions it.  Other times clothes are chosen for comfort and not fashion. Going out used to require showers, make-up and tons of singing to “going-out” music.  Now making sure we don’t look homeless and we can make it to midnight in these shoes, is how we now roll.  Blame this on age, experience or that knowing 75% of the people we will see has made us no longer bother ourselves with the opinions of others.  Opinions are always welcomed even if not agreed with, within ourselves. Fights and disagreements are few and far between and normally resolved before the next round of beers is served.

If someone wants to go home an hour into the night, it happens with the only requirement of letting us know when they have arrived safe & sound.  We normally don’t discuss where we are going, it’s just assumed.  If there is any type of band, we all roam around with no rhyme or reason, this is also expected and never questioned.   Home-base is established and checking in so the others know one of us isn’t held hostage or dead somewhere has also been a guideline, probably due to my inability to sit/stand anywhere for longer than 5 minutes.  

We’ve all walked miles and miles (or so we thought)  for the ultimate quest of obtaining a cheeseburger before passing out.  We’ve all cried over boys, hated them and even vowed to stay single forever for it all be forgotten over breakfast re-cap dates.  We’ve all done dumb and more than likely illegal activities but lived to tell the story come Monday morning.  The stories we all share from different viewpoints are endless always resurface even though some need to be forgotten.  This group of individuals are the ones I want with me until the end, through the good, through the bad and through all the in between.


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