No Friend Friday

You know when you don’t hear from someone all week and then Friday around 9pm you get a random text from them “hey, what’s up? going out tonight”  or something along those lines.   This is what we like to call “No Friend Friday”.  Don’t hit me up because you have blown through all of your other resources and want to go out with someone instead of going alone like the loser you are.  Go to bar that going alone to is totally acceptable, who knows you might meet some cool people and then TADA you are no longer alone.  Magic how being a nice social person can generate new friends.

If I wanted to go out with you on a Friday/Saturday night I would have text you at 5pm, when I was actually going to the bar.  Chances are that by 9pm I am drunk without a shoe or in my bed.  I used to be the type to go out at 10pm which is nice for the wallet but then I realized I was staying out until 4am crying in the street to a stray cat.   I will admit getting old sucks in a lot of ways but being in bed at 10pm while the cops are just getting out and about is kind of nice.  God knows that any way I can prevent any kind of Whoopsie Poopsie and the law, I will.  So the lesson being learned here is don’t text your “friends” once a week, otherwise they will think you are loser.  Well they might think that anyways but will be willing to give you some slack.


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